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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A little St. Patricks Day edition of the links.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I hope everyone is wearing a little green today in honor of St. Patrick's Day. I'm not Irish myself but I'll still play along. Anyways, lets get into some morning headlines here.

// FC Dallas //

The rewind from the win over SKC |

I've always enjoyed this video recap from each game that the club produces.

// MLS //

Instant replay from week 2 |

As you'd expect, Simon Borg was super critical of this past week's game. Missed offside call, other blown calls. Fun.

ExtraTime Radio on FC Dallas |

Everyone is starting to talk about FCD here.

Minnesota United in advance talks with MLS |

We touched on this yesterday but SI does a good job at breaking down the entire expansion piece here. Plus they also bring up the point that Sacramento isn't totally out of it here.

Sights and sounds from NYCFC-New England | Hudson River Blue

Really cool to see how other fans are doing things around the league, especially some new fans like with NYCFC.

David Villa is dominant and perfect for MLS |

After Sunday's game I thought the exact same thing. But just like the ESPN2 broadcast stated, can he be this dominant away from Yankee Stadium? We'll find out.

This week in MLS announcers | Black and Red United

Okay, I'm a tad jealous I didn't think of this series before hand. Its really fun to sit back and analyze those who are, well, analyzing.

Dynamo history part one | Dynamo Theory

Cute, Houston fans are reliving the glory years a bit here. I guess in their defense, they do at least have a couple titles to look back on.

Sounders extension at CLink is all about location | Sounder at Heart

Yesterday we got word that the Sounders would be extending their lease at Century Link Field until the 2028 season. Which is a bummer for most of us that want to see this team get off the nasty turf at that stadium and into a lovely stadium with grass. But it always comes down to location in these things and CLink has it.

Revisiting MLS teams on TV, ranked | 91st Minute Blog

Still impressed that a team that went to MLS Cup last year (New England) is only on national TV four times this year. And well, after the first two weeks they'll only be on two more times.

Alright, that seems to be it for this morning. Do you plan on drinking some green beer today?