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Workhorse of the Week vs. Sporting Kansas City

Another weekend and another win, FCD now sits at the top of MLS standings with 6 points. Nevermind Blas Perez's 2 goal birthday performance! Who was the unsung hero against SKC?

Zach Loyd is a really good soccer player.
Zach Loyd is a really good soccer player.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to Week 1 winner of the Workhorse of the Week, Victor Ulloa, with 38% of the vote tally. Ryan Hollingshead and Moises Hernandez followed up in second and third place respectively.

Just to recap, Workhorse of the Week is an alternate to our regular Man of the Match and Goat of the Match conversations. This might be a player on the field for FCD who quietly and effectively did the hard work to help FCD succeed. They may not get the fantasy point totals. They likely won't make Team of the Week. They may not even get the recognition from media, but in this space, they get recognition from us.

And that's what really matters, right?

At the bottom of this article, you'll find a poll where you can cast your vote for Workhorse of the Week. Use the comment section to nominate your favorite candidates, and tell us why they deserve to win.

This Week's Strong Candidates

Ryan Hollingshead

After a solid starting role in Week 1, Ryan Hollingshead got placed back on the bench for Week 2 against Sporting Kansas City. But in the second half, in a great move by Oscar Pareja, Hollingshead came in for Diaz of all people and within his first few minutes made an immediate impact. Just watch again:

For anyone who was on the fence about this kid, here's what he does - he comes out ready to play and gives the game of football his undying focus for every minute that he is on the field. The guy plays with an intensity that almost makes me feel bad for the rest of the team. While FCD was mostly in control in the second half, Hollingshead's energy and attack (in that instance) really cemented the win at home. Great choice for his energy, hustle, and unselfishness.


In Week One's late win over San Jose, we missed Michel. The guy, for all of his deficiencies, has a sweet left foot on corners and free kicks. I wondered if he would be moved back into the lineup to give extra cushion to our back line for an aggressive SKC team. OP, once again, made an excellent move. Michel went the full 90, playing solid, steady ball. Typically, a 2 assist performance should sort of disqualify a player like Michel from earning Workhorse of the Week, but they were both pretty quiet assists. I had to double check the box score to make sure he got credit for his work.

What is different about Michel in a game like this against SKC is that he isn't the sole person expected to produce anymore. Last year, it felt like Michel (and at times Castillo) were the major sources of offensive spark. This year, on this squad, Michel gets to play second fiddle. And maybe, just maybe, teams will forget about his deadly foot.

Zach Loyd

One of the sad things about MLS Live is that we consistently get the away broadcast. Sometimes, it's fine. Most of the time, it's a frustrating. But what I do notice is this - pay attention to which FCD players the announcers talk about during their broadcast. Sure, they talk about Blas Perez, Fabian Castillo, Matt Hedges, and Mauro Diaz. Lately, they've been spending a lot of time talking about Zach Loyd, giving praise to a guy who is slogging in the trenches for his team. He works so hard. He is willing to dive in and make the dangerous tackle in order to save a potential goal. He busts his ass to get the ball up the field. He likely won't go down as one of the top CBs in MLS, but he is becoming the tag team partner Matt Hedges always longed for.