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MLS confirms expansion talks with Minnesota, will evaluate expansion beyond 24 teams

While the goal was to get to 24 teams by 2020, the league could push beyond that.

Andy King/Getty Images

Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber issued a stated on Monday afternoon regarding the expansion process. Various reports late last week indicated that the NASL's Minnesota United would likely be next in line for an expansion slot into MLS. That has all been confirmed now according to Garber as the league is in 'advanced talks' with the group.

"We are in advanced discussions with Bill McGuire and his partners in Minnesota to bring a Major League Soccer expansion club to the Twin Cities and are particularly excited about their plans for a new soccer-specific stadium that will serve as the club's home," MLS Commissioner Don Garber said in a statement released by the club. "We remain on track to announce the next MLS expansion market in the next 30-45 days, though no specific date for an announcement has been set."

Minnesota has been going up against some stiff competition from other expansion hopefuls out of San Antonio and Sacramento. But all might not be lost on those hopefuls to get into MLS as Garber stated the league would continue to look at how to expand beyond 24 teams.

"Over the course of 2015, we plan to evaluate potential expansion beyond 24 clubs," he said.

One thing has to be pointed out that the original statement by the league to get to 24 teams by the year 2020 was not a statement that the league would stop at 24 teams. They merely stated they would expand to 24 teams by that year. Big difference for those markets like San Antonio and Sacramento. I don't see a way that MLS passes on markets that are currently willing to still spend millions on expansion fees, stadiums, etc. here.

[Note: Sacramento has already issued a statement of their own regarding this topic. They're not backing down.]

Where will MLS end up at? My gut tells me 28 teams seems to be it but I don't think the next time around they will declare a goal of a number of teams by a certain year.

What do you think of Minnesota getting into MLS?