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Big D Daily: News for Monday, March 16, 2015

Three more points in the pocket folks.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Even though it is two games into the season, there really so no better feeling than waking up to see FC Dallas on top of the entire league table. That should brighten your Monday mood a little bit. Lets get into some morning links.

// FC Dallas //

The Diaz Question | 3rd Degree

Such a fair question to ponder about FCD and Mauro Diaz. I think some of Oscar Pareja's comments stand out though, and he's totally right in the fact that Diaz really hasn't played a bunch yet to find that chemistry with this club that he needs. Time should heal all though.

FCD Drumline energizes crowd | Dallas Morning News

This one came in late last week but it is still worth passing along to you all. I love that FCD has kept the drumline these last couple of years. It certainly adds a ton of energy to the game.

Birthday boy Perez looks better with age |

There may be no one playing better than Blas Perez right now on FC Dallas.

Why are keepers allowed to get away with this? | Soccer America

You may not like Paul Guarder but he brings up a fair point on a play that Chris Seitz made this weekend.

// MLS //

Week two thoughts from around MLS |

Lots to take away from this one but there is a rather good section on Diaz and what he brings to the table.

Kamara goes old school with Crew logo in goal celebration |

So far Kei Kamara has earned the top goal celebration of the year with this one.

Sons of Ben to MLS: Officiating needs to improve | Brotherly Game

Oh nothing like a supporter group trying to tell MLS what they need to improve on. Honestly, judging by the sample of games I've watch this season in two weeks (which is most of them now), outside of a few bad cards and a few missed calls, I would say the refs haven't been that bad this year. But hey, maybe it is because I'm impressed they're actually protecting some players like Diaz these days.

Minnesota United set to get the next expansion slot |

Good, another central time zone team. We need more of those. I will say this though, don't sleep on Sacramento not getting a team at this time, they'll still get in. No way MLS is passing up money like that.

Evolution of MLS 3.0 | Last Word On Sports

An interesting look at the evolution of the soccer specific stadiums in MLS and how they are good and bad in places. Nothing like the writer putting the usual dig at the Toyota Stadium location in the article. At some point people outside of Dallas will realize that Frisco is a booming location to be at.

The growing pains of US Soccer's supporter group | Fusion

I missed this one late last week as well but it made the rounds of the AO faithful on Twitter from what I can see.

Alright that is enough for now, we have plenty of thoughts on the SKC game coming up today. Until then, what do you all have to say?