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View From the East Stand: Welcome to the back to the West Sporting KC

FC Dallas was the first team to officially welcome Sporting KC into the Western Conference after their move, and Blas Perez was on hand to give them a proper introduction.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Another cloudy and chilly night in Frisco, Texas with FCD fans hoping for continued momentum after the nice opening day win over the San Jose Earthquakes. Matt Besler being suspended gave me hope that FC Dallas could start the season off with 2 straight wins and climb to the top of the standings if we racked up the score enough.

East Stand Invaded!

How dare they?! The home crowd was great and it was surprising yet exciting to see such a large traveling contingent come visit us. This should be just the beginning of our new 3-times a year back and forth of sending fans to each other's stadiums. I learned from a Sporting Kansas City fan that their front office actually gives away a good number of free tickets to away games, which is super awesome and would love something like that from the Hunts. One day. An extra incentive to go to Kansas City or Houston on road trips to see FC Dallas play away against our new inter-conference opponents.

The majority were very friendly people though, even if they got a little testy when they discovered that the referee's were not really Kansas City fans. They were chanting some not so nice things at the referee and his yellow crew and weren't as loud as before from what I could tell. The game thankfully wasn't really in the favor of our friends in blue.

Another Fantastic Home Win

Incredible win. Blas with a double and Castillo with the icing on the cake for the 3rd. I've had my doubts about Ryan Hollingshead but that pass for Castillo's goal was perfect. The guy's work rate is phenomenal and I feel silly for doubting his ability in the first place. Then there's Atiba Harris, whom I'm fairly certain will lose his starting job to Je-Vaughn Watson as soon as JVW is match fit. He can still prove me wrong, and I hope he does, but as it stands I tense up when they attack him. Lastly on the players, I had a good laugh when Kyle Bekker was subbed on and with his first actions on the pitch he proceeded to destroy Ellis of the opposing team.

Ref was bad. There aren't many games where the referee is on our side at home from my recollection and it's definitely a much weirder feeling. The quality of refereeing continues to baffle me in this league, are we going to stay with the growing pains of letting the referees we currently have garner experience to become better themselves? Or is turnover required before we are able to see real improvement? Unfortunately it's starting to look like the former is the choice made so far by MLS.

Lastly, your fan quote of the night:

"Haha, wow! Everyone was offside! I'll take it." - You know what it was in reference to...

Who was your most exciting player to watch? How many of you were surprised like I was that the 2nd goal was given? Anyone else chat with the large contingent of traveling away fans? Opinions on the refs? Let me know if the comments below!