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Big D Daily: News for Friday, March 13, 2015

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Its Friday the 13th! Ahhh!

Jefferson Siegel/NY Daily News

Another week is nearly in the books as FC Dallas is getting set to host Sporting KC this weekend. We have plenty to discuss about that one today but first here are your morning links.

// FC Dallas //

Keel discusses injury and recovery | Dallas Soccer News

It may seem hard to believe but we haven't see Stephen Keel on the field for FCD since last August. Man, I honestly didn't realize it had been that long.

Know your Enemy for the weekend |

The club gives you a brief look at what the Sporks bring to the table to tomorrow's game.

Keys to the Match |

The FCD digital guys also break down the big keys to tomorrow's match.

Seitz looking to maintain starting role in keeper battle |

There may be no tougher position to gage what Oscar Pareja is going to do each week than in goal.

// MLS //

Mix's role with NYCFC and what they have to figure out |

Another good piece from Matt Doyle here. Mix Diskerud played the 'Kyle Beckerman' spot last weekend against Orlando, and for the most part it worked well for the new side.

NYCFC to Yankees: Don't worry, be happy | Hudson River Blue

Oh the Yankees aren't happy with sharing their stadium. NYCFC is basically just happy to even have a place to play right now. This is going to be a fun ride this season.

Teixeira on sharing stadium: It's going to suck |

Well, well, well Mark Teixeira. I'm sure many Ranger fans around here would have something not-so-friendly to say back to you. Maybe, I honestly don't know how hostile Ranger fans would be to him anymore given how bad the Yankees have been since he left Arlington.

PRO suspends ref over blown calls in Colorado-Philly game | The Brotherly Game

While FCD had a coach get suspended for this, the organization that manages the refs decided to suspend one of their own for missing several calls last weekend. Nice to see that they are at least policing themselves here.

Kaka, his family and friends were impressed with season opener in Orlando | Orlando Sentinel

Well done Orlando, you made Kaka's entourage happy.

Minnesota United have inside track to expansion slot |

This basically comes off yesterday's link to an ASN article. But again it is worth putting out there that MLS wants to partner up with a soccer group instead of a group lead by another NFL owner. That means potentially less games on turf and less games in NFL venues.

Alright, that appears to be it for this morning. What do you all have to say today?