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FC Dallas fitness coach Fabian Bazan suspended and fined for entering the field against San Jose

Leaving the field is a bad thing but in this instance...come on man.

FC Dallas

Each week when the MLS Disciplinary Committee sends out their fines and suspensions from the previous week's action, there is almost always a debate waiting because of it.

Naturally there were some fines and suspensions that were justified like Colorado's James Riley getting suspended for his karate-kick against Philadelphia Union's Andrew Wenger. Or for Columbus Crew midfielder Tony Tchani getting a game suspension for his foul on Houston's Leonel Miranda.

But when you scan the release you'll see FC Dallas mentioned on it. Fitness coach Fabian Bazan has been suspended one game and fined an undisclosed amount for entering the field of play in the 91st minute of the match against San Jose.

Here is the video proof (wait until the very end folks):

Did you catch that? Here is a screen shot incase it was too quick:

Did that help? So yes, Bazan was suspended a game and fined for basically helping get a ball back into play quicker. Welcome to MLS Bazan, I'm sure this won't be the last time a silly suspension will come FCD's way this season.