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FC Dallas vs San Jose Earthquakes: Workhorse of the Week

Sure, every game has that Man of the Match and Goat of the Match. But what about the hard working kind of player who isn't flashy but toils in the trenches to insure the gritty work of winning gets done? Welcome to Workhorse of the Week!

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After every game, we typically are quick to lift up that player who rose above the fray and delivered a scintillating performance that brought FC Dallas crucial points. We call him our Man of the Match. Likewise, we pick out that player who seemed to fulfill the opposite, serving as the squad's weakest link, bumbling away balls and causing havoc for the team's shot at points. We call him our Goat of the Match.

But today and after each game this season, I'll be challenging us to name someone a little different - our Workhorse of the Match. This is a player or players who maybe didn't play flashy, exciting soccer, maybe didn't show up in the stats like other players, maybe didn't serve a fantasy team with a bevy of points, and maybe were a little silent on the field at times. But they got the job done - they worked their butt off to do their part to insure FCD came away with valuable points. They aren't going to show up in the MLS' "Best Of" or on anyone's fantasy ticker, but to us FCD fans, they represent that fight and determination and hard work that makes soccer a joy to watch.

Each week, I'll put up a poll of every FCD player who made it into the game. You get to vote and comment on who you think the Workhorse of the Match was. If you feel hesitation, why not start with the comments then come back and vote after someone else has swayed your opinion?

This Week's Strong Candidates:

Moises Hernandez

Moises Hernandez is quickly emerging as one of the rising left backs in the league, and on Saturday, he put in a full 90 minutes of hard work that left him with a little reward at the end, an assist on the game winning goal. No one is going to claim that Hernandez is the best left back in the league yet, as he is still young and seemed to have to re-earn his starting spot against trialist competition during preseason, but he gave a strong, steady showing against San Jose. To me, he played well enough to make Atiba Harris look like the youngster on the field.

Victor Ulloa

His story is amazing. From seeing little playing time to getting cut to now emerging as the CDM of the present and future for FC Dallas, Victor Ulloa exemplifies the heart of this team. I mentioned in a couple of comments how nervous I was to see him alone as the sole holding midfielder/destroyer in the 4-4-2 against San Jose, but he quietly and efficiently got the job done for the full 90. He wasn't afraid of pushing forward, and he did his part to limit San Jose's attack. While watching the game, Ulloa was quiet for all the good reasons - he quickly got the ball to his teammates and up the field, exactly what Oscar Pareja and this team needs him to do.