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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Another day into the season as FCD prepares for Kansas City.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It looks as though the weather is about to change here in Dallas for spring time, which should be good considering the amount of home games FC Dallas has on the schedule ahead. It is time now to get into some morning links though.

// FC Dallas //

FCD has their own bowl to fill | 3rd Degree

Some interesting points about the lack of attendance at the home opener brings up some questions I may dive into myself later this week.

FCD vs SJ, The Rewind |

I'd say this may be one of the best video features that the club does following a game, especially a win.

// MLS //

MLS team of the week, Week 1 |

Somehow Mauro Diaz made this list following the win over San Jose. He honestly wasn't even the man of the match for FCD on the night (stay tuned for our game grades on that subject).

LA, Seattle and Toronto begin in style |

More week one discussions of how the big names stepped up and showed their stuff. They did it in one week but can they continue it for another 33? Time will certainly tell.

Week 1 Mixtape | Fox Soccer

It looks like Fox is slowly stepping up their game with some good video recaps of the weekend as well.

A letter to Peguy Luyindula | Once a Metro

What do you do when your favorite player leaves your team? Here is a good write up of how one writer is living that out.

How Baggio Husidic changed the game | LAG Confidential

Warning, this is a rather long piece but for those who like tactics and stuff like that it is worth the read.

Kaka fired up the Lions with a pregame speech | The Mane Lane

Good to see a new guys like Kaka so fired up to be in MLS. Makes me wish more big stars that have come over here would approach the game in that manner.

Your snobby Liverpool friend was wrong, MLS is awesome | For the Win

You all probably don't need to hear that MLS is awesome but it is always fun to hear new folks to the league say it.

Insiders and agents trash the new CBA | Vice Sports

Bet you thought we were done with the CBA talk. Nope, this piece paints a picture of just how much players and their agents hate the new deal.

Alright, that looks to be it for now. What do you all have to say today?