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Why can't we just sing along?

Getting behind the 3rdDegree for an all stadium sing along!

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Peter Welpton over with the 3rd Degree recently threw up a post about getting the whole Dallas faithful singing in unison. The folks here at Big D Soccer are completely on board with this idea. It has been long overdue and credit to the current Supporter's Groups (Dallas Beer Guardians, Lone Star Legion, DFE, El Matador and apologies for those that I accidentally left off here) have done a great job of upping the atmosphere at Toyota Stadium but it has lacked the unifying experience that sends tingly feelings down the spine. I've been to CenturyLink Field for a Sounders match and to Providence Park for the Timbers, even the simplest of chants of just chanting the team name back and forth for two minutes is enough to create an electric environment for the fans and give a boost to the Dallas players.

One of the things I absolutely loved about sitting with the Guardians (aside from the beer showers - RIP), was the unified automatic chanting of "Dallas Til I Die" after every goal scored against us. It's the fastest way to change the atmosphere, the energy and of all the times we need to cheer our team on is when they've just experienced a set back.

Right now on the table is to use the tune of "Deep in the Heart of Texas", which is universally adored by Texans and puppies everywhere. If you have an idea for lyrics, go ahead and submit them here: and they'll get them organized and hopefully we can continue making Frisco a hostile place for our opponents.