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Big D Daily: News for Friday, February 6, 2015

FC Dallas has one game this weekend in Florida.

FC Dallas

The preseason continues to move on here as FC Dallas is currently in Florida training. We hope to have coverage of their next friendly this weekend (still waiting word on a stream for that game), but first lets dive into some morning links.

// FC Dallas //

Harris is a true Pareja guy | Dallas Morning News

We joke about Oscar Pareja getting the band back together but really he is just assembling a group of his type of players to play here.

Akindele looks to prove rookie season wasn't a fluke |

Tesho will likely have a sophomore slump at some point this year but if he can come out of the gate firing thanks to the national team camp that he was apart of, he may be able to stay away from any long term slump in his second season.

// MLS //

30 things to watch for in 2015 |

A nice list here about the upcoming season. FCD got a couple mentions on this one, including one item being solely about Mauro Diaz and the wonderful things he brings to the table.

Orlando launches campaign to fill the bowl |

They are wanting 65,000 on hand for their first game. I hope they get it.

Being an MLS fan with no team | The Goat Parade

Fans of the now defunct Chivas USA team are left wondering who to root for in the upcoming season. Its the age old debate of who do you root for when you have no one to root for kind of thing.

Giovinco lands in Toronto to heroes welcome | Waking the Red

I keep wanting to say out loud that Sebastian Giovinco will be a hit in this league but I have to withhold that thought until I actually see him with Toronto. But hey, fans up in the great white north are excited to say the least about their new Italian.

Saputo worried about lack of buzz | Mount Royal Soccer

Joey Saputo may now be one of the worst owners in MLS. He's definitely not holding anything back here but I think he misses the message that his team was really, really bad last year.

MLS labor talks still very far apart | Washington Post

Here is your daily CBA update. From the sounds of things, we may actually be headed for some real heated discussions about all of this.

Keane supports players strike if it comes to that |

Oh boy, another guy that earns a ton in MLS coming out to support a strike. Yeah, he had handle a couple months of no games. I'm sure he had a rainy day fund but is he going to help out those rookies that LA picked up last month?

Guide to MLS hashtags | Wrong Side of the Pond

New to the whole Twitter thing? Well, here is a handy guide for all MLS clubs. I think this brings up a good point that we need to come up with a good secondary tag for #FCDallas.

Alright, that is all that I have for now. What do you all have going on today?