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What to watch for in FC Dallas' first preseason match

FCD takes the field for the first time in 2015 tomorrow afternoon.

FC Dallas

The preseason really kicks off for FC Dallas tomorrow afternoon as they take on new MLS expansion side Orlando City SC at the Champions Gate Sports Field Complex in Orlando, Florida.

While it is still very, very early on in the preseason for the club, there will be plenty of things to look out for in tomorrow's friendly with the Lions. Here are a few things we'll be taking note of tomorrow.

[Note: We are still waiting on confirmation on a stream for tomorrow's game. Once we have it we will pass it along to you all.]

Early look at the potential 2015 formation

One question a lot of us have going into this season is what head coach Oscar Pareja is planning on doing with his formation. While it is entirely possible he could throw out a young lineup, full of trialists, rookies and Homegrown players, Pareja could still give us a brief look at where he things the lineup and formation will go this season. My gut tells me we'll get at least a sniff at what formation he is toying with.

Minutes for the newbies

The big thing for tomorrow may be to see useful minutes out of rookies like Otis Earle, Will Seymore and Jaineil Hoilett. Seymore and Hoilett are looking to establish themselves a little more than Earle is here (Earle did sign a deal with MLS before the draft, so his roster spot is pretty set baring any weird situation). Hoilett is said to be looking pretty good so far in training with the club after one week, so these games against actual clubs will go a long way.

I also look for guys like Atiba Harris and Kyle Bekker to get solid minutes in this game, as they look to get their footing on this roster.

Chemistry between old and new

The last thing I'll be looking at tomorrow is how this team is building for the entire year in terms of chemistry. With the lower amount of turnover on this club, mixing in the new faces with those returning will be key in games like this. This team's chemistry was really strong last year, which went a long way in getting them through a bad stretch in the late spring and it also helped push them towards a playoff spot.

What are you looking forward to tomorrow with this friendly?