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The reason FC Dallas passed on Eric Avila

Did he actually go through allocation here?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The surprise news yesterday was the announcement that Eric Avila had been acquired by Orlando City through the allocation process and was selected 17th. Many heads were confused as to how the former FC Dallas midfielder was first available, as there was the understanding that he had been sold to Santos Laguna last fall. Then seemingly out of nowhere, his name pops up from the Orlando Centinal that 16 teams, including FC Dallas, passed on him and that Orlando City added him through the allocation process. So what happened?

Well according to Ryan Tolmich with SBI, Avila's deal was actually a loan from Santo Laguna, meaning Avila never went through allocation, meaning FCD didn't have a chance with getting him anyway. Well, there was the chance but it wasn't like he was freely available to snatch up without any back and forth negotiations.

So which is true? Hard to say at this point. But should the loan rumors be true, then it is understandable why FCD would pass on a player in a position they need help with. On the other hand, former FCD player Marvin Chavez has been spotted to be training with Dallas in Orlando yesterday. If Chavez does make the team, then the need for wing depth would be solved.

What do you think? If it was allocation, should Dallas have snatched up Avila?