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Big D Daily: News for Friday, February 27, 2015

FC Dallas heads to the Alamo City today to get ready to face San Antonio this weekend.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

One more preseason match is upon us this weekend as FC Dallas heads to San Antonio. We'll have plenty on that game coming up today and tomorrow but first here are your morning links to finish this week out with. And no we're not going to discuss dress color and llamas.

// FC Dallas //

Hollingshead making his case this preseason |

This link floated around yesterday in the comments section of our daily links but for those that missed it, take a good look at it. Ryan Hollingshead is proving he can be a quality starter for this team so far in 2015.

// MLS //

The expectations for the Rapids in 2015 |

Matt Doyle checks in now with the Rapids in his preseason thoughts. Everyone is down on what the Rapids are doing this preseason (including myself) but as Doyle points out, there are reasons to get excited about this team. Definitely a group that could sneak up on people.

United downed in Costa Rica 5-2 | Black and Red United

Well, as nice as Montreal's draw in Mexico was, seeing DCU lose this badly in Costa Rica puts a damper on the whole thought that a MLS team could actually sneak into the finals this year.

Orlando City season tickets nearly sold out | The Mane Land

Again, color me impressed. This happens at the same time that NYCFC announced that they have sold 14k season tickets for this year too.

Is San Jose's new stadium the best in MLS? | San Jose Mercury News

While the short answer is no, I will say that stadium looks lovely. Furthermore, it is also impressive to hear that they have 12k season tickets already sold. A lot of energy is going behind this team in 2015, a lot.

Part two with Stefan Szymanski of Soccernomics | Hudson River Blue

Part one of this interview certainly sparked a ton of debate on the web, including some rants from Alexi Lalas. I'm very curious if this part will spark even more debate.

RSL owner: free agency is a waste of time to discuss | RSL Soapbox

Wow. So the big fish of the day was certainly this link. For those that didn't get around to seeing it, RSL's owner basically said that the players are wasting their time asking for free agency. Oh boy, we're looking at a work stoppage aren't we?

Why a long strike won't happen | World Soccer Talk

I'm still in the camp that thinks something will get worked out in time but we'll certainly see.

Mexican federation backs a San Antonio MLS team | San Antonio Express-News

Huh? So much irony in a story that really doesn't have a ton of meat to it. (you know, Alamo and all)

Okay, that is all that I have for now. What do you all have to say on this chilly Friday morning?