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What to watch for: FC Dallas vs. San Antonio

Can FC Dallas end their preseason on a high note?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The final preseason game is upon us, and with that, the team will travel to San Antonio for the second straight year to face off against the reigning NASL champion Scorpions at Toyota Field. This will be the team's third time playing the Scorpions in a year's time as the teams also faced off last summer in Open Cup action.

Hollingshead on the rise

Ryan Hollingshead has already scored three goals in preseason action -- something he didn't do once last year. All three of the goals have come on rebounds and simple tap-ins within the six yard box, which points to his hustle and his ability to position himself well.

The preseason, in any sport, almost never gives a true representation of a team or player's real ability, that being said, I think we will see a much-improved and comfortable-looking player in the former UCLA Bruin this season. I noticed in last week's game against DCU that he was much more tenacious in getting the ball while also having great field position to either keep a dribble or pass it off.

Right back woes

I was thoroughly unimpressed with Atiba Harris' work last Friday, as he put Matt Hedges in awkward situations several times, including losing his mark that scored the lone DCU goal. This might be him still getting used to the team's dynamic or Papi's defense, but, he seemed to float too far upfield on several occasions and I am hoping that Acosta and Loyd can get healthy sooner rather than later -- because after Harris, there isn't much relief.

Newcomer Minutes

Michael Barrios is now with the team and everyone is interested to see him get some minutes, especially considering how little most know about his game. There are plenty of fields of thought with how coaches should play players in the last preseason game. In my opinion, I'd like to see the closest thing to OP's opening day lineup for a half, then see him turn to the bench. I'd like to see Barrios get a full half in on Saturday, as well as Seitz (assuming he doesn't start) and possibly a short appearance from Zack Loyd.

There you have it. Comment on what you're most excited to see in this final preseason game!