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Oscar Pareja: Roster is nearly set, no Designated Player signing anytime soon

For the most part, we are looking at your 2015 FC Dallas roster.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

While there may be some holes left to fill, we may very well be looking at the 2015 FC Dallas roster as it stands today. The club will still make moves as we go on but based on comments in the Dallas Morning News today and from what I asked Oscar Pareja last Friday, this could very well be what we are getting as the new season kicks off next weekend.

Steve Hunt asked Pareja in training this week how things stand with certain trialist and other players in camp, most of the answers point to the same as no one new is being signed at the moment. Trialist defender Aurelio Saco-Vertiz is gone due limited roster space, as is Marvin Chavez, who just signed with NASL side San Antonio.

Pareja did comment that he'd like to improve the middle of the roster in the defense and in the defensive midfield.

Do you feel good about your current level of depth at center back?

Pareja: I would like to have another one. Yeah, we always have a list (of possibilities), but then it gets into the situation with the roster spots that we have. I think up front we're fine. In the middle, we're waiting still for some help. And in the back, we're just fine but it would not hurt us if we have one more.

Do you also want additional depth at holding midfielder?

Pareja: Yes, that's right. At this moment, we have Victor (Ulloa). We have Michel. We have (Kyle) Bekker and we have Kellyn (Acosta) who is recovering that I can use in there. At this point, I think we need at least one more.

I asked Oscar what he plans to do with his final Designated Player slot this season, and while he didn't give a true yes or no answer, he does give you the sense that he's not looking to sign another DP anytime soon.

"We always have the idea to improve the roster, at least that is our job," said Pareja. "But it is also our job to get better players than the ones you have too. That is the business. I have to tell you that I'm very honored and pleased to coach the ones that I have right now. I can't think about anyone that is not here."

I still firmly stand in the belief that the club will attempt to sign another young DP this summer.