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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, February 26, 2015

The snow turned into sunshine here in Dallas yesterday, what is next?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The preseason is rapidly coming to a close here as FC Dallas gets ready to take on San Antonio this weekend. We have some items on that game coming up but first here are your morning links.

// FC Dallas //

Big things are happening for Hedges |

Another good look at captain Matt Hedges and what he is bringing to this club in 2015.

FCD and Houston finally reunited in the west | Fox Sports

Nothing like a good look at the Texas Derby to get the morning started. While most folks around the league concentrate a little too much on things in the northwest, hopefully two more games this year will prove why the Texas Derby is one of the best in the league.

FCD season preview | Fox Sports

Time for another season preview, this one from Fox may be one of the better ones out there. Loads of questions being asked, plenty of good topics for discussion.

// MLS //

Preseason tracker for Feb. 25 |

There was a lot of action yesterday in the preseason. Games in Arizona, Portland and Carolina.

Can Duka drive the bus for Montreal? |

Matt Doyle's latest daily thought in the preseason looks at Montreal and how they can improve a great deal in 2015 if Dilly Duka emerges as a viable player.

RSL's USL team will look for new stadium options | RSL Soapbox

I would imagine things like this may be why FCD held off on going all-in this year (even though they have a couple good stadium options here in town...but yeah I'm sure this is part of their logic). RSL's new side will instead play their home games at Rio Tinto this season while they look for other places.

Kaka taking the lead in guiding Orlando |

The few times I've watched Orlando play this preseason, you can tell that Kaka is the man that will either get this team into the playoffs are come awfully close to it.

Soccer experiencing a boom in the US and Canada | WSJ

Here is a fairly nice look at how expansion is shaping the game here in North America. More will certainly be on the way, that much we know.

The Tiki-Taco Genome Project | LAG Confidential

The Galaxy fans were real proud of their Cup winning side form last year, so proud they put it into charts and graphs.

The New MLS - stadium attendance | Sounder at Heart

I'm sure some of you saw the graphic in the middle of this article floating around Twitter yesterday. Here is the full story behind it. It is still rather interesting to see how the total attendance numbers have come up in the last 19 seasons. I'm also more curious to see how much longer LA and NY will be on top of this list.

Alright, that is all that I have for now, what do you all have going on today?