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FC Dallas fan's hate index for 2015

With a new season on the way, it is time to rank who FCD fans hate the most.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The new season is on the horizon and I thought it would be wise to let some of our new fans in on who FC Dallas fans hate the most. In years past we have discussed our hate for Houston and everything about that place, as well as some other markets like Colorado, Seattle, LA, Chicago and Salt Lake.

It is all pretty simple really. You do a thumbs up for hate or a thumbs down for some sort of tolerance. Really, the thing to remember here is the higher the thumb up, the more the hate on said team. This list will remain open for all days (or until this site we're using goes out of business). So check back as often as you'd like to see where things are at. We may update this as we go along as well.

Naturally Houston will be the highest on this list but what about spots two through eight? I'm sure there is plenty of hate to go around but I wanted to give this opportunity to you all to rank your hate and to explain why.

Alright, get to rating.

[Kudos to Black and Red United for the idea on this post.]

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