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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Another cold morning in Dallas, did you get another day off?

Winter has pretty much made its arrival here in Dallas this week. Cold weather, freezing rain, sleet and now some snow. Fun times in the final week of the preseason. We have some items to get to today but first here are your morning links.

// FC Dallas //

Ulloa out to build upon his 2014 success | Dallas Morning News

Here is a good look at Victor Ulloa as he goes into what really is his second full season with the club. Sure he has been around much longer but considering how he didn't really play those first few years, I'm considering this his second season. I may be the only one in that boat.

Weather postpones Footy 5k |

This week's weather has been a mess and may only get messier this weekend. Smart move for the club to realize that a 5k in nasty weather would probably be a bad idea.

// MLS //

Montreal earns a draw at Pachuca |

CCL action kicked off last night and Montreal, yes Montreal, earned a 2-2 draw IN Mexico. Well then, the Impact may have been correct about their Mexican opposition underestimating them.

Adding one final piece to Gil's game |

The latest piece from Matt Doyle looks at RSL's budding star. I think Luis Gil may be the key to putting RSL into the playoffs this year. I know they have some other key guys but that team is much older than most of the west.

Sky Sports to broadcast MLS games |

This one came down early this morning but the UK will now get live MLS games on Sky Sports as a part of a new four year deal. I'd be curious to see how much money Sky paid to get MLS games.

Soccernomics discussion on MLS | Hudson River Blue

A pretty fascinating interview Stefan Szymanski of Soccernomics on MLS and how they really aren't that major.

DCU and Montreal out to change MLS's fortunes in the CCL |

Some good comments on how both DCU and Montreal really may have a crack at the CCL this time around.

How a strike could kill DCU's chances in the CCL | Black and Red United

One aspect of the whole player strike that we aren't think too much over is the impact in the CCL. Both DCU and Montreal could advance to the semifinals during a strike and basically be screwed out of any shot at going to the finals. Not to mention there will be fines from CONCACAF if MLS teams end up having to forfeit. For the league to place so much value in this tournament, you'd think they'd work a tad harder for DCU and Montreal.

How David Beckham's stadium deal turned into a disaster | Vice Sports

A fairly in-depth look at the whole Miami situation for David Beckham. I recommend taking it all in to get the full effect. I had a feeling when the first stadium proposal was shot down that this bid had some dark cloud forming over it. But a year has passed and they still have nothing to show for it. Crazy, considering they want to start playing in 2017.

Alright, I rambled on enough in this one, what do you all have to say this morning?