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MLS Fantasy Manager 2015 rules, prizes & changes

MLS Fantasy Manager is back!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

MLS Fantasy Manager is back and I'll help you choose your team week by week this season. For now, I'll just refresh your memory on how the game is played, and what has changed.

After some criticism, the guys at MLS digital decided to keep playing with an 18-man roster and $120 million to build that roster. I think it's pointless to have 18 guys on your roster, but hey I don't work for MLS digital. The 18-man roster must include 2 goalkeepers, 6 defenders, 6 midfielders, and 4 forwards. Each week, you choose your starting XI. You get two free transfers a week, so use them wisely.

MLS Fantasy Manager will now give you the option between auto-substitution or manual substitution. That helps a lot. I'm a fan of auto-sub.

This year's game was built on a fully responsive platform, meaning it's viewable from any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

You can check out the scoring system here and learn how to create and join leagues here.

PRIZES! The prizes are just as great as last year. Few win prizes, but they're well worth the win.

Grand Prize: $1000 gift card. Second place: $725 gift card. Third place: $500 gift card. 4 to 10 overall: $200 gift card.

2015 Supporters League Prizes: One team owner per Supports League will receive a $200 gift card for owning the highest scoring team in each of the 20 Supporters Leagues.

2015 Private League Prizes: $200 gift card awarded to the highest scoring team owners in leagues with 750 or more unique, eligible players before March 13, 2015 at 7:00PM ET.

General prize rules: Only one winner per household and only one team per user. A user may only claim a maximum of one prize. If a user is eligible for more than one prize, the winner will be awarded the prize with a higher approximate retail value. If a user is not eligible for a prize, we’ll award it to the next highest scoring user that is eligible.

The next step is to build your roster. I'll talk more about this later this week.

The code to join the Big D Soccer fantasy league is 2867-1812.