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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The preseason is quickly coming to an end.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

I hope everyone here in Dallas (and in other parts of the country) are staying warm today. Definitely a chilly morning but we have some links to get this day started off with.

// FC Dallas //

Hedges used USMNT snubs as motivation |

A great look at how Matt Hedges used various motivations over the years to finally earn a USMNT call and to help lead FCD.

FC Dallas draws belief from playoff return |

Another season preview here, this one talks to how motivated this club is going to be in 2015.

Kennedy ready to put Chivas behind him |

I added this to yesterday's links in the comment section but for those that missed it, here is a great interview with Dan Kennedy and how he is hoping to make things work out here in Dallas.

// MLS //

MLS fans do not deserve a strike | Dallas Morning News

When it really comes down to it, I do hope the owners and players realize that they are hurting the fans of each team more than anything else. Sure free agency is important but is it so important to get that you end up losing some fans over it?

Who is going to be NYCFC's Beckerman? |

It may very well be our old pal Andrew Jacobson. I can see NYCFC struggle in a big way out of the gate though as Jacobson isn't a true enforcer like Beckerman is.

Waiver draft set for Tuesday |

Six players available in this one, and FCD sits at number nine in the order. I fully expect to see all 20 clubs pass on these six players but you never know.

Its okay to be excited for the season Union fans | Brotherly Game

The optimism in Philadelphia is rather funny to me. Then again I can understand their sense of pessimism with the way things have gone over the years there.

Is a strike on the horizon? | Center Line Soccer

Another CBA look for the morning. A work stoppage seems to likely at this point.

FIFA agrees to shorter World Cup in the winter for Qatar |

FIFA really wants to make this happen even though they know how bad it looks.

Alright, that appears to be it for now. What do you all have going on today?