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Big D Daily: News for Monday, February 23, 2015

FC Dallas got revenge on DCU over the weekend.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The first game in Frisco last weekend continued the trend of FC Dallas doing well at home. We'll dive back into that game later today but first lets get to some links on this chilly Monday morning.

// FC Dallas //

Hollingshead strikes again |

Three goals in three games for Ryan Hollingshead. They may not be great goals but they count all the same.

Barrios signing fills a need for FC Dallas |

Oscar Pareja talked about the Michael Barrios signing on Friday evening as well. He sounds pretty happy with this new addition.

// MLS //

Preseason tracker for February 22 |

Some interesting items from over the weekend. It looks like the injury bug hits Portland again here. Plus there was a game between Orlando and NYCFC over the weekend that sparked some interest.

How stats lie and the issues ahead for New England |

This preseason series from Matt Doyle has been some of his best work. This latest one talks a lot about defenders stats and how they can be misleading. It also brings up a thought on how New England may regress in 2015.

MLS is reclaiming online merchandise sales from teams | Black and Red United

I don't know how this effects the FCD Team Store, that was redone not to long ago. But it appears that for some teams like DCU, buying team gear is going to get a lot harder.

MLS has to change | US Soccer Players

Time for your CBA update/post/discussion/etc. This is a decent look at what MLS needs to do to avoid some sticky situations in the coming weeks.

Players won't budge on free agency |

This really seems to be the golden ticket for this CBA deal. Thought at times I have wondered if the owners would just throw a ton of money at this whole thing to avoid free agency. You know, raise salaries by x% and put the salary cap up to somewhere crazy like $9-10 million. That probably won't happen but it has crossed my mind on a time or two here lately.

Rapids look for a new jersey sponsor | Denver Post

Ciao was never a great partner for the Rapids apparently and so they are gone. As much as we may not like the idea of Advocare on FCD's kits, things could be a whole hell of a lot worse.

When NYCFC went to Manchester |

This is a couple days old now but it is still a solid read. This one certainly tells how things came to be with NYCFC and how they are far from being a Chivas USA type team.

That's all I have for now, what do you all have going on today?