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Report: FC Dallas explains mystery credit card charges

The team's concession stand vendor was the cause of the issue.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

This story floated around a bit yesterday and I really didn't get a chance to dive into it until now. FC Dallas's concession stand vendor says it is giving refunds to customers after a glitch was found in their credit card system.

The glitch caused customers to receive charges on their credit cards for items that were billed as long as two years ago according to the report.

The vendor, Legends, said Thursday it was still investigating how many people were affected and whether they were charged twice - or simply very late.

"We're on it," said Eric Gelfand, Legends' senior vice president of communications and brand strategy.

Gelfand said the company recently upgraded its credit card machines and old charges somehow reappeared.

Some fans took to Twitter yesterday to voice their displeasure on the situation.

The team states they will be issuing refunds as soon as they can, which will likely go through in the next two weeks.