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Big D Daily: News for Friday, February 20, 2015

FC Dallas is back in action tonight!

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

The preseason rolls on tonight with the first game in Frisco in 2015. We have plenty to discuss on that front but first we have some morning links to dive into.

// FC Dallas //

A few minutes with Matt Hedges | Dallas Morning News

Time to catch up with the FCD captain as he discusses his national team experience, Atiba Harris' transition and more.

DCU match preview |

I love hearing that the players are excited to see the fans in Frisco again.

// MLS //

Preseason tracker for Feb. 19 |

A few good tidbits from yesterday's preseason action.

DCU launches residency academy | Black and Red United

DCU is the latest club to launch a residency academy. I believe they join the likes of Philly, Vancouver and in a small way FCD (though back in 2011 when FCD partnered up with FISD it was called a pre-residency). Their press release did make me laugh though, they claimed they're the league's best academy. I still wonder how many clubs claim that and how many of those claims are valid. DCU, LA, and FCD all have valid claims in my mind.

Orlando season tickets are nearly sold out | The Mane Land

Wow, now that is impressive to say the least. I don't think FCD is anywhere near this number but good to see a new club doing so well in this area.

Can LA be a top team without Landon Donovan? | LAG Confidential

I think the answer is yes. The bigger question may really be, what will LA do once Bruce Arena retires?

CBA: How the players can win the big stuff | Massive Report

This one is rather long but it does strike up a couple thoughts in my head about how the players can come out on top of this. I do think that it should be important for players (and fans) to know how players are truly acquired and placed with teams. Basically, just give us some transparency.

How the rise of the EPL could hurt MLS | Forbes

Honestly, I don't buy into this kind of thought but okay.

The Neutral Chronicles: The baggage that comes with picking a European team to follow | The Goat Parade

An excellent look at how picking a team to follow can make you think twice if that team has some historical issues (fan violence, racism, etc.). This stems from the whole racist Chelsea fans that have been in the news recently, something that bums me out to see as a fan of the Blues.

Alright, that is all that I have for now. I hope to see you all tonight but until then what do you all have going on today?