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2015 FC Dallas Position Battles: Right back

What should Oscar Pareja do at right back?

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

We're continuing with our 2015 Position Battles series, with Part 3: Right back. I feel as if this position is the one that's really up in the air just in terms of competition and how Oscar Pareja might be envisioning how he uses his players here.

There's Zach Loyd, who has made the right back spot his for much the last five years. There's also Kellyn Acosta, who has excelled in the right back position. And then there's the new addition of Atiba Harris where Pareja stated he wanted to give a run at that spot. And we haven't even touched on Je-Vaughn Watson, who still isn't under contract yet, but is expected to sign soon and he claimed the right back spot to be his towards the end of last season. I won't touch on Watson as he isn't signed yet, but as you can see there are plenty of viable candidates here.

So let's break it down and don't forget to cast your vote down below!

Statistical Comparison

rightback stats

I'll admit that this isn't going to be very fair or accurate statistical comparison given all three players played in various positions throughout the year. Acosta saw minutes in defense and midfield, Loyd was playing across all four defensive field positions and Harris was used mainly as a forward or a wing. So the stats are pretty hard to use to compare the three, but you gotta admit that Harris' tackles per 90 is pretty high for an attacking player.

Case for Acosta

I know there are some parts that prefer for Acosta to get a run out in midfield, but Acosta is a very good right back to begin with. He doesn't look like a makeshift right back by any means and has the lungs to really run up and down the flanks for a full 90. From my vantage point, currently he's a decent center midfielder with plenty of time and room to grow as a player but on the other hand, he's already a good right back and I think his ceiling is higher at right back at the moment.

Case for Loyd

We know what we get from Loyd here. He's great defensively and can help contribute on the offensive side consistently. He also brings his trademark deep throw ins into the attack third when needed, which is a bonus. The only true downside of him taking the right back spot, is the potential lost of speed in the centerback position at this point.

Case for Harris

Speed and height. If Pareja can successful convert Harris into a serviceable rightback, and my money is on Pareja, then Harris will be able to help Dallas on both sides of the ball quite easily. His pedigree as an attacker gives him the advantage in going forward on the flanks, and his speed and size will give him the advantage in certain defensive situations.

So what do you guys think? Vote below in the polls, sound off in the comment section. When we've covered all positions on the field, I'll tally the votes up and put together the Fan's Choice Starting XI.