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FC Dallas vs. D.C. United: What to watch for

The rematch of the ATX Pro Challenge is here.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Wow, that came really fast. I love how short the MLS offseason is, and with that, FC Dallas is hosting a preseason match tomorrow night in Frisco against newly-successful D.C. United. To get you prepped for tomorrow's game, here are some things you should watch for.

Who got the Holding Midfield?

It's been one of the more discussed topics this offseason for the team as several players are vying for the holding midfield player. Hendy Thomas is gone, Victor Ulloa was a breakout success, Michel's set piece leg is deadly, Kyle Bekker brings promise and we can't count out a Kellyn Acosta sighting here once he's healthy (which Pareja says won't happen until at least after the friendly against San Antonio on Feb. 28). So, who's going to get the majority of minutes in this spot?

My bet is the Ulloa-Michel combo, although I don't think Pareja will show any favorite until the season starts because Bekker is still new to the club and Acosta hasn't had his chance yet. That being said, I do think Ulloa already has his starting spot all but locked up considering his play last season. I'm looking forward to this position match-up and the different combinations we see in tomorrow's game.

Big Crowd Expected?

I'm really intrigued to see the kind of attendance the game is going to have. I know in speaking to my season ticket rep that the East sideline is "actually relatively full" and more open on rows 23+. The west sideline is usually a different story has the center sections for tomorrow's game are priced at $25 instead of $10 everywhere else.

I also am excited to see what kind of draw the supporter's section brings in, especially considering the upgrade it received yesterday.

That being said, it is a preseason game and nothing is on the line, so we'll see what kind of draw there is. Either way, I think this season has a very heightened buzz going into it and that's pouring over into it's preseason matches.

Sweet, Sweet, Revenge

Yes, I know last week's game was only for a Texan Armadillo — but it was a really sweet Texan Armadillo. That being said, I don't think much of tomorrow's game will be centered on revenge for the players. DCU scored on a wonder-strike that no one could've done much to stop. I think tomorrow's game will have more a regular-season game feel to it as it gives both teams a chance to play MLS competition in an MLS environment on a game day that they'll be getting used to, as the new tv deal added Friday night competitions.

That's all I've got for you in this edition of W2W4, I hope you enjoy tomorrow night's matchup.