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Community Predictions: How will Fabian Castillo do in 2015?

We're kicking off the annual community predictions with the 2014 team MVP.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Just like in the past three seasons, we here at Big D Soccer want to open the floor up to you all with our annual community predictions series.

Today we'll kick things off with a look at the club's MVP in 2014, Fabian Castillo. The young Colombian had a banner year in 2014, scoring 10 goals and adding in four assists (which are oddly enough the reserve of my preseason predictions from last year). Going into his fifth season with the club, Castillo has a brand new contract that will keep him in Dallas for the long haul under Oscar Pareja.

Castillo showed a ton of growth in his game from 2013 to 2014. Not only was it the goals that went up in total but he slowly stopped doing bone-head things on the field from game-to-game. His yellow card numbers went down from seven to five in 2014 and his shot total went up to 74.

So let's get down to some predictions. Just like in years past we'll do games played, games started, goals and assists.

9 goals, 5 assists, 28 games started, 30 played - About on par with last season's numbers seem right, goals could be higher if Mauro Diaz stays healthy.