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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Friday can't come soon enough.

Olivia Brestal/FC Dallas

This week continues to wiz by as we move closer to the first game of the year at Toyota Stadium. We'll have plenty of that coming up in the next day or so but first lets get into some morning headlines.

// FC Dallas //

Pareja happy with set piece options | Dallas Morning News

Having guys like Michel and Mauro Diaz available right now for the spot kicks is a good things. I hope though that some younger guys (like Kyle Bekker) are getting runs at set pieces this preseason too.

Why Perez is in a fight against father time |

This got passed around in the links yesterday but for those that missed it, do take the time to read it. Matt Doyle hits on all the right notes about FCD in preseason with a good look at why he thinks the club will do very well this year.

Perez is optimistic about 2015 |

Another article that was floating around yesterday. You'll need some translation on it but in all there are a ton of positives.

FCD U-18s are returning to the Dallas Cup Super Group |

I had every intention of writing this up yesterday but time slipped away. Anyways, our young guys will be back in the big group at the Dallas Cup this year. Good competition is coming with the likes of Everton, Tigres, and River Plate in the mix.

// MLS //

PRO announces roster for 2015 | PRO Organization

Here is the full list of refs that I'm sure you'll end up yelling at over the course of the year.

Get ready for Major League Lovin |

KickTV came out with this little number yesterday. I don't really have words to say about it.

Red Bulls sign Mike Grella | Fox Soccer

Man, I remember when Grella said no to MLS a few years back to go to England. Well, playing time faded away and somehow he was in the NASL last year. So yeah, in some ways I feel like this is worth making a stink over but its really not.

San Jose may have found a jersey sponsor | Center Line Soccer

A lot of positives are coming together for the Quakes this offseason with the new stadium, new coach, and now a potential new jersey sponsor.

Everything from the preseason, yesterday |

I probably should be linking to this post on a daily basis because there are some decent nuggets that come out in it. We may touch on the Austin Berry situation on this space later on, some wondered out loud yesterday if he would be a good fit here in Dallas.

Alright, that appears to be all that I have for now. What say you all on this chilly Wednesday morning?