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FC Dallas has made an offer to Marvin Chavez, passes on Juan Toja

A few news and notes coming out of training today.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

You have to love that the preseason chatter is picking up for FC Dallas. While we wait on some big signings to happen for the club for this season, the Dallas Morning News' Steve Hunt has a couple good notes on players that could be coming to the roster and one that will definitely not be.

Basically this means that should Marvin Chavez sign, it will be apart of two players coming to the team and not just one. More than likely we won't know of this mystery right winger that is expected to sign this week. Should we catch any wind of a rumor about who that might be we will pass it along to you all.

One player not coming this season will be Juan Toja.

This really should be a surprise to anyone that watched the club over the weekend in Austin. Toja was off the bench in both matches against Columbus and DC, that saw him pick up a yellow card in each match. While some fans would have loved to see Toja come back to Dallas, I still feel like he would have been a liability off the bench for this team. And that feeling is there even with a cheap contract. If anything, this team needs a veteran that can come off the bench and be discipline and close games out, instead of adding more pressure to the defense with a silly card or two.