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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, February 17, 2015

FCD is back in training today to prepare for Friday's game with DCU.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

The week rolls on into Tuesday here. Time to cut right to the morning links.

// FC Dallas //

Should FCD be worried about the situation at right back? | Dallas Morning News

Yes and no. Just like the headline reads. Honestly, the more I think about this one, the more I lean into the no pile. I'm far more concerned with what is going on at right midfield - something we plan on touching on this space this week.

// MLS //

Is the 'Dillo trophy the best one in soccer? |

Boy, people sure do seem to love the Armadillo trophy that was won in Austin this past weekend by DCU. While it is cool, I don't know if I would call it the best trophy. I think had they included a can on Shiner in the trophy it would have done it. What do you all think?

The backstory on the Armadillo trophy |

Seriously, this thing is everywhere.

American soccer's Mt. Rushmore | Fox Soccer

Fox Sports played in to the whole President's Day thing yesterday. I like that Eric Wynalda put Lamar Hunt in his, totally agree with that one.

Freelance designer proposes new crest for New England | The Bent Musket

Sadly, I don't think we'll see the Revs with a new look until they get a new stadium to call their own. These re-brands seem to go hand-in-hand with things like that. As far as this logo goes, it isn't bad, I do like the historical nod that it gives.

Will MLS players go on strike? | The Guardian

A bit of a recap of sorts of what is going on with the whole CBA discussion.

Should MLS have an All-Star weekend? |

The ESPN crew wonders out loud if MLS should move their ASG to the weekend again and have some sort of activities like the NBA and MLB have with their's. Honestly, I've always been against the ASG as a whole for MLS and I think with the crowded schedules that there already are in the league that it would actually take a lot to fill up a whole weekend with one of these things. Who knows, maybe I'm terribly wrong on that thought.

Alright, that looks to be it for now, what do you all have to say today?