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Who should FC Dallas send to Arizona on loan in 2015?

Now that the partnership is official, it is time to speculate who should go west in 2015.

Olivia Brestal/FC Dallas

For months we talked about a partnership or affiliation with Arizona United SC in the USL. Now that FC Dallas has made everything official, it is high time we get down to speculating who Oscar Pareja could send west on loan in 2015.

Right now, we don't know all the details of the affiliation thanks to the whole on-going CBA debate that is happening. We at least know that FCD can send up to four players, maybe more depending on how the CBA shakes up. FCD can also recall players at any time, so should the injury bug creep up, they can bring guys back.

I held off on writing up most of this until after the Austin tournament. I mainly wanted to see how some of the younger guys did in that weekend before I dove deeper into this list. I have a feeling this list will change once the season gets going too.

So who could benefit the most from this in 2015? Here are five players that I see benefiting from a loan at some point this season.

Coy Craft - The homegrown forward is deep in the depth charts at the moment behind mainstays Blas Perez, Tesho Akindele and even David Texeira. It will be a big year for Craft to get as much playing time as possible in a system like Arizona's as well. Currently United has two forwards on the roster, so adding some depth in that department makes sense for both sides.

Alejandro Zendejas - The most recent FCD HGP could be in and out with the U-17s all year long as they attempt to qualify for the World Cup in Chile later this fall. Should he make those rosters, it wouldn't be a bad idea for FCD to loan him out here and there to Arizona to get minutes in-between national team duty.

Danny Garcia - The last of the HGPs in my mind that could do well with a loan this season. Garcia is still a talented guy that just flat out needs minutes on the field to improve his game. A loan in Arizona could help give him the confidence that he needs at the pro-level as well, along with giving him the in-game experience that he needs at this stage in his career.

David Texeira - As crazy as it seems, I wouldn't be upset at all to see Tex go on loan here at some point this season. A lot of the loans are about getting minutes for the young guys and while we may not think it, Tex is indeed a young guy that needs minutes. He needs confidence in front of the net as well. Its possible that going down to a lower division can help build this guy's confidence in front of the net up. He's a pure goal scorer by trade, one that can get hot if he has the right service going to him. I don't think a full-season loan will work but a short one could do if he struggles early on this season.

Otis Earle - While I would rather see Earle in Frisco, pushing Moises Hernandez at left back, I do think giving him some games in Arizona would be wise for this season.

Other players:

A lot could depend on who FCD signs before the start of the season. A guy like Damian Rosales, a SMU grad that could still come to the club as a Homegrown player seems like a good prospect to go to Arizona. As do the late round SuperDraft picks that Dallas got.

Who do you think needs to go on loan this year? Sound off in the comments below.