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FC Dallas winning MLS Cup in 2015? What are the odds?

FCD comes in at a 20/1 shot. Huh?

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Some may call this bulletin board material. Others may just call it silly. Either way, a Las Vegas sports book has posted their odds for the upcoming 2015 MLS season and right now they are pegging FC Dallas as a 20/1 at winning MLS Cup.

The LA Galaxy currently lead the way with 3/1 odds but both New York teams come in ahead of FCD at 15/1.

Some of these odds are just plain silly but that is how the oddsmakers make their money I would imagine. Books want higher numbers played in big markets like NY and LA. The books also look for people to place money based on teams with recognizable stars like NYCFC has with David Villa and Frank Lampard. You can't read into these odds as any sort of ranking here.

The real shock to me is seeing a club like RSL listed higher than FCD right now. Maybe its because I follow FCD more but I'm not terribly sold on what is going on in Utah this winter, that team is getting older.

I'm not big on gambling, so I'm not really endorsing this. Those odds for teams in the east are rather interesting considering how wide-open that conference may end up being this season.

What do you make of these odds? You going to put any money down this season on FCD's chances?