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Big D Daily: News for Monday, February 16, 2015

FC Dallas stumbles in the ATX final.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

It was only a preseason game. That is what we have to continue to repeat when things don't go our way this month. FC Dallas didn't come away with the ATX Pro Challenge title but they'll get their revenge later this week. But first lets get into some morning headlines.

// FC Dallas //

Rolfe's goal seals it for DCU over FCD | Black and Red United

Our pals over at BRU have their game recap from yesterday's match. I wonder if we can play for the Armadillo trophy on Friday.

// MLS //

Gilberto set to go on loan in Brazil |

Well, well, well. Toronto is going to get a bit wise and send Gilberto on loan outside of MLS instead of loaning him to a rival club (like they did with Matias Laba last year). My bet is they are hoping an additional DP slot will be added in the new CBA.

Rapids discussed a move to get Forlan | Denver Post

I feel that Diego Forlan is that one guy that many MLS clubs have considered but opted to pass on in the end. FCD 'discussed' Forlan a year or two ago.

How Houston achieved the trade of the offseason | Dynamo Theory

Folks in Houston are excited about a keeper? I'm not sure that is really a great trade but we'll see.

Soccer stars get married | Stars and Stripes FC

A little Valentine's Day wedding for you as Dom Dwyer and Sydney Leroux tied the knot over the weekend.

League and Players Union discussing non strike issues |

We know more money and free agency is a big topic this preseason but what are the other items we aren't discussing? The World Wide Leader takes a look at some items being discussed at the table.

Explaining the reasons behind a work stoppage |

Another good article from ESPN here about why the players may strike and what really is going on. Loads of good stuff in this Q&A format.

Possible fallacy in the Union talking point | Prost Amerika

One more CBA related post for the morning, this one is rather long but it is worth diving all the way into.

The importance of minutes played | American Soccer Analysis

A fairly interesting look at how teams across the league fair at getting more guys consistent minutes.

Vermes pokes holes in Klinsmann's fitness comments |

Oooh, shots fired! Honestly, I'm with Peter Vermes on this one. But I also still believe everyone has a different definition of what fitness really is here too.

Alright, my morning coffee needs a reheat so that is all the time that I have. What say you on this rather chilly Monday morning?