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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, February 12, 2015

FCD is gearing up for their next preseason game tomorrow in Austin.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The ATX Pro Challenge is nearly here for us all as FC Dallas heads down to Austin today to get set to take on the Columbus Crew SC tomorrow evening. We'll have plenty on that game but first here is a look at your morning headlines.

// FC Dallas //

Have your vote on what the field should look like |

I still find this vote rather amusing that FCD would throw out these options for next Friday's friendly with DCU. I still think they need to find a field design that spells out DTID.

FCD shuns stars for youth | The Guardian

A nice look at the club in how they build around youth and key veterans instead of stars. I may also have a name drop in that piece as well. Oh boy.

// MLS //

Gilberto situation still unclear in Toronto |

With the CBA still unresolved, Toronto is starting to sweat it out with their extra DP on the roster. They have a couple more weeks to figure things out but it doesn't appear that Gilberto will stay in Canada this season.

No backlash for Lampard says Reyna |

Haha, right. I highly doubt fans will be civil when Frank Lampard comes this summer but you know what will make them be good? Wins and goals. That will solve a lot of the tension between club and fans.

Sizing up the MLS Cup contenders for 2015 |

Yesterday we gave you a video that explained that FCD could potentially be a Cup contender but this article sadly doesn't mention them.

RBNY accidentally leaked their own new jersey | Once a Metro

New York has been sending out weird looking teaser images of their new home kit this preseason but they may have slipped up on their latest. Which by the way, doesn't their home white kit look the same nearly every year?

Two MLS sides chasing Cristian Ledesma |

Normally I don't get too excited for rumors like this but a two-way midfielder like Ledesma would do wonders for either Montreal or RBNY.

Kaka believes Orlando will win MLS Cup | The Guardian

Making the playoffs as an expansion team can be done but winning the whole thing is another story altogether.

EPL TV rights go for billions |

I know this is a day late but I felt like touching on the fact that the bottom teams in the EPL will earn more than any MLS team will during the eight-year contract that MLS just started. Insane.

Alright that is all that I have for now, what do you folks have going on today?