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2015 FC Dallas Position Battles: Attacking Midfielder

Spoiler: It's going to be Mauro Diaz

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We're continuing with our 2015 Position Battles series, with Part 8: Attacking Midfielder. This position does look thin in terms of depth, however as FC Dallas and Oscar Pareja learned last year, the team can switch to a counter attacking 4-4-2 and still see huge success without Mauro Diaz. Danny Garcia took a few minutes in that spot last season and did show flashes of his ability there, and while unfair to compare, he's just nowhere near the same level as Diaz at the moment.

So let's break it down and don't forget to cast your vote down below!

Statistical Comparison

attacking midfielder

This one almost feels unfair to write up on given that it's basically just Diaz or 4-4-2. But Danny Garcia is still on the team and has had another offseason to improve his game, add on the fact that Diaz as been pretty injury prone since he joined Dallas in 2013. So while the starting spot is reasonably Diaz's to begin with, I'd expect Pareja to continue to develop Garcia to where he could be a dark-horse contributor this year.

Case for Diaz

I'm just going to leave these here:

Diaz to Watson

Diaz to Diaz

Diaz v Hou

Diaz v Van

Case for Garcia

Danny Garcia

So what do you guys think? Vote below in the polls, sound off in the comment section. When we've covered all positions on the field, I'll tally the votes up and put together the Fan's Choice Starting XI.