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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, February 10, 2015

FC Dallas finally announces their affiliation with Arizona, now it is time to get to business.

Arizona United SC

This certainly is shaping up to be a big week for FC Dallas fans after yesterday's news that the club has aligned with Arizona for the 2015 season in the USL PRO. We'll continue to touch on that and more but first lets look at today's headlines.

// FC Dallas //

Dellorusso provides insight into partnership | Dallas Morning News

We know that this is for a year but I get the feeling FCD is grooming Dello to be the head coach of a FCD2 squad in 2016.

Mini plans now on sale |

And no, this and the Arizona news wasn't what the club teased on Twitter yesterday morning. I'm told whatever that was will come today.

// MLS //

U-20s get Group A in World Cup |

So the baby Yanks will get the hosts New Zealand and then Ukraine and Myanmar. I don't know much about these three teams but on paper it sounds like an easy group for the US team to escape from. By the way, Jesse Gonzalez and Mexico got Group D with a to be determined African team, Uruguay and Serbia.

Beckham frustrated with delays in Miami but vows to get it right | BBC

Just move on Becks, go somewhere else to start your club.

NYCFC streamlines youth development | Hudson River Blue

I'm a tad surprised FCD hasn't gone this way with a youth development league of their own in this manner. Maybe they will down the road because they certainly can manage such a thing with the facilities here in town.

Toronto closing in on a new shirt sponsor | Waking the Red

Oh boy, I really do hope they land with the words 'Pizza, Pizza' on the front of their kit. I know it is a big deal up in Canada but man that will be funny to see in person. Okay, now I want pizza.

Orlando half way to their goal of filling the bowl | Orlando City SC

So they're at 32k or so tickets sold for opening day. Impressive but it will be even more impressive if they can sustain those big numbers all season long before they move into their newer (and smaller) digs next year. I think they can do it, that city is really invested in this club.

Players plan to strike over free agency | Soccer Wire

I'm starting to think that shi*t is getting real here.

More on players considering a strike |

Yeah, just incase the first article didn't drive home the idea. Here is another one.

Alright, that appears to be it for now. What do you all have to say today?