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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Drafts, free agency and more in the MLS offseason.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The first day of free agency got off to a bit of a...whimper.

// FC Dallas //

Academy sides win three in winter showcase |

If you need a little more FCD in your life these days there is always the future with the academy teams.

// MLS //

Timbers celebration gets a little wild |

It was pretty cool to see the city of Portland totally embrace a champion and give them the celebration they deserved.

Eight intriguing prospects in free agency |

We'll be discussing three that we're interested in later today but here is a larger look at some players that should find new homes fairly soon. Even more interesting to see who Matt Doyle believes FC Dallas should be interested in here.

How free agency will work in MLS | Fox Soccer

If you need a better understanding of what free agency is for MLS and how it will be handled, look no further.

NYCFC is a farm team | Hudson River Blue

After a few months of seeing this club in action in 2015, I thought that was the case. Now with their new coach and probably how they'll handle roster moves this winter, it is becoming more apparent.

More on DCU's new badge | Black and Red United

DCU has been rumored to change their logo this offseason and it seems as though the league's online store has dropped the hint on to what that logo may very well be. I have to say, even though it is a change that I don't really think is necessary for DCU, I do really like this new look.

Nixing the away goal rule isn't enough | Black and Red United

Another good post from our DCU pals. This one is all about the playoff format and how it needs further upgrading. I may not agree with all of this but I do think the playoff system needs more tweaking here.

LAFC announce front office addition | The Goat Parade

Former MLS veteran John Thorrington is now the head of soccer operations with the new LA side. His first task, starting the new LAFC academy. That job would have been miles easier had they not ignored the old Chivas academy that was already there.

Best and worth of MLS' 20th season |

There was a lot of good and a fair amount of bad in 2015.

Sacramento bullish on expansion hopes |

As they certainly should be with their stadium plans already in place and all.