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Vote for the 2015 FCD Goal of the Year: Round 5

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks for voting everybody in the first four rounds. I hope everyone is enjoying taking a quick look back memory lane and celebrating some wonder strikes that this club has been able to produce this year.

Round 5 is a bit of an interesting match up. You could say this match up is almost Mauro Diaz vs Mauro Diaz. The first goal takes us back to that 4-1 pummeling of Houston. "Which one?" you say? Does it really matter? This is probably the most Mauro Diaz of Mauro Diaz goals that we'll ever see; dribbling, feigning, unbalancing defenders before absolutely unleashing a rocket into the back of the yet.


That Diaz wonder-strike is matched up against this absolutely stunning pass and sublime finish from Ryan Hollingshead. The technique and concentration  required from Hollingshead to make this look so simple and easy is absolutely superb. Let's also not forget that this goal gave Dallas life in that Western Conference second leg.


Anyways, good luck deciding between the two of these. I'm so torn between the two of them that I haven't voted yet myself!