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Big D Daily: News for Monday, December 7, 2015

The offseason in MLS officially begins today.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 season is in the books as Portland won MLS Cup yesterday.

// FC Dallas //

Roster moves show commitment to youth | Dallas Morning News

What is going under-said...reported or whatever, is that this young team has a ton of experience now after this season. The commitment on keeping young players is one thing but the commitment to playing them is an entirely bigger thing.

// MLS //

Coming up roses as Timbers win MLS Cup |

Two big mistakes early on for the Crew doomed them in their pursuit of a second MLS Cup trophy. Portland capitalized on those mistakes and stayed defensively sound throughout to win the match.

Timbers set tone early |

A goal 27 seconds into a match certainly sets the tone for what is to come. But it was the goal in the eighth minute that did the trick in the end.

Timbers balance and smart approach leads them to title | Stumptown Footy

Even though us Dallas fans are annoyed it wasn't us lifting the Cup yesterday evening, I do want to congratulate our pals over at Stumptown Footy on the win.

Don't worry, Borchers still has a beard |

I suppose this could be the soccer version of cutting down the nets? Either way, that beard needed a trim.

Portland's trophy drought is over |

Its been ages since Portland had a champion. I can't imagine what 40 years of frustration must feel like. I do wonder if Portland is one of those few markets in MLS that would actually support their MLS team in a championship parade. They seem like the perfect one to try if they aren't planning to already.

A night to forget in the Nordecke | Massive Reprot

Throwing bottles at the Timbers, seriously Crew fans. That is not cool.

MLS's quest to be viewed on TV | Awful Announcing

This year was a pretty strong year for the league on TV. Sure the figures weren't super high but they improved and so did the quality on the screen.

Playoffs continue to be the league's biggest outliner in world soccer | The Washington Post

I know a lot of people get annoyed at the playoffs in MLS but it is one of those things that make this league what it truly is sometimes.