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MLS to expand to 28 clubs, what it could mean for FC Dallas

The league continues to expand.

Jason Mowry-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday afternoon, the Major League Soccer Board of Governors met to discuss the year that was 2015 and to move forward on several items for the future. The biggest announced was that the league would expand past 24 clubs to 28 clubs.

MLS' current expansion plans call for 24 teams by 2020. Atlanta, Los Angeles and Minnesota will join the league during the next three years, with Miami taking one step closer today to becoming the 24th team.

This news bodes well for markets like Sacramento, which has a stadium plan in place for MLS. Another market like San Antonio is also in a good position to get into MLS with this news.

Other markets in discussion are San Diego, St. Louis and Detroit.

So what does FC Dallas have to do with any of this news? Today, not a lot, but the addition of a San Antonio would add more fuel to the Texas Derby with Houston. It also means that we could see some splits in the way the current conferences are set up. More than likely the league could move to a two conference format with divisions within each conference to aid in travel and rivalries.

What do you make of MLS' news that they will expand to 28 clubs? Do you like the idea of more clubs and potential rivalries with other Texan markets? Which four cities do you want to see added to the league?