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Will you be watching the MLS Cup Final?

With the MLS Cup just a couple of days away, FC Dallas fans, will you be tuning in?

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

With Lucas Melano's tricky, fun, and brutal tap-in last Sunday, FC Dallas' slim Cup hopes disappeared. Portland advanced to face the Columbus Crew who held off the New York Red Bulls as well on Sunday. Tough results for the Supporter's Shield winner and runner-up.

The Columbus Crew welcome the Portland Timbers in what is a little unexpected but potentially fun championship game on Sunday at 4 PM EST/5 PM CST. Winner takes all.

So, I'm curious - FC Dallas fans, will you be watching?

Are you bitter enough that you will ignore the result, especially now with FC Dallas out of the running?

Or, are you going to be rooting for Columbus to bring another MLS Cup home and do in a Portland Timbers team that doesn't deserve the finals spot (in your opinion)?

Or might you just watch for the spectacle of it all?

I'm treading on tricky ground here, because I know we sports fans get touchy about our teams and often tune out once our beloved franchise is out of it.

Personally, I'm tempted to ignore the game. I don't care much about either team and found it much harder to watch any MLS game this past season that didn't involve FC Dallas. That wasn't true in previous years. For some reason, I just was much more invested in what FCD was or was not doing more so than the story lines and performances of other teams. So, we'll see.

Vote below, and let me know why or why not you will be watching on Sunday.