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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Time is running out on 2015.

Gary Rohman/MLS/USA TODAY Sports

The calendar year is nearly over as we're inching our way into 2016.

// FC Dallas //

Goal of the Year bracket finals | Big D Soccer

Vote now for the top FCD goal of 2015. We have six really good goals in the finals that come down to your vote.

The rise of FC Dallas (French) |

Turn on your Google translate for this one but still, really good stuff if you do understand even a little French.

// MLS //

Portland look to get allocation out of Vancouver | Stumptown Footy

Good ol' MLS discovery rights in play here for Panamanian international Armando Cooper. Portland has those rights and Vancouver (along with a couple other sides from the sounds of it) want him.

Whitecaps go back to Japan for latest signing | Eight Six Forever

Masato Kudo may not be a massively big name here in the States but he is certainly a big deal in Japan. I've always respected the Whitecaps for tapping into the Asian markets the way that they do. More MLS sides should do the same. I also wonder if that means Darron Mattocks is on the trading market.

Should Orlando face off against the other Florida teams? | The Mane Land

Ah, the age old debate about playing teams in your area that are in the lower divisions. Florida has a slew of teams but only one in the big leagues for now with Orlando. I say, make the friendly happen in the preseason but also make sure that it is the warmup game before March 6.

2016 Mock draft version 1 | Top Drawer Soccer

Time for mock draft season to kick up a gear. In the coming weeks we'll dive into players that FCD should focus on but here is a good start.

Should MLS come to San Diego? | The San Diego-Union Tribune

Another big city that is starting to make some MLS noise here. I've always been intrigued by the thought of a team in San Diego but I'm not sure they'll find a way to make it work when there are already three teams (two LAs and San Jose) and one more on the way (Sacramento) in California.

If MLS sides were NFL teams | Brotherly Game

A lot of the blog managers like myself helped out with this one and yes I came up with the idea for comparing FCD to Arizona. Seems fitting in my mind, but feel free to debate it. I did save FCD from being compared to the Eagles.