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Where FC Dallas stands midway through the offseason

Nine roster spots open for FCD as they have plenty of TAM and salary cap space to work with.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We're at the midway point in the offseason. So far FC Dallas has cleaned up the roster from the 2015 club that went to the Western Conference finals. A couple weeks ago we discussed the roster building for FC Dallas this offseason, at the end of it all, we concluded that the team has a lot of salary cap space to work with along side the new Target Allocation Money that was made available in early December.

So where does FCD stand today? Right now they have nine available roster spots to fill. Two moves have yet to be officially announced as Walker Zimmerman is expected to re-sign with the club following his graduation from his Generation adidas contract. The other move was reported on Twitter as Rolando Escobar is returning to Venezuela.

Where will those nine spots be filled from?

SuperDraft: A couple of these spots could easily be filled through next month's SuperDraft. Right now FC Dallas sits in at the number 17 spot in the first round, similar to their draft position last year when they got Otis Earle. They also have one pick in the second round followed by two in the third and one in the fourth.

This year's pool is expected to be deeper in talent than last year's, so the chances of getting a quality player should be better at least for those first two picks.

Homegrown: We've seen a number of teams dive back into the Homegrown pool this winter with New York signing six of their own in an effort to make sure they didn't lose them to the draft. Currently FCD has yet to make a HGP signing since the fall of 2014, one of their longest spells without a new HGP since the academy began producing players a few years back.

There aren't any seniors in the combine that are tied to FCD, which is good. Last year we saw the club miss out on signing defender Boyd Okuwono after the two sides didn't reach an agreement. That means any HGP worth signing is either an undergrad or under 18 years old. FCD did have two academy sides win national titles in 2015, so the talent is there. It just depends on whether or not Oscar Pareja is ready to pull the trigger on any of them in an effort to keep them in Frisco over say a Mexican club.

Transfers: Ah yes, the transfer market is likely to heat up for FCD over the next couple of weeks. The club should, I mean should, find a big time striker in the transfer market this winter. Outside of that it will all be about getting depth and other quality players to this team. Again, there is plenty of TAM money to throw around this coming year so why not make a big splash in this transfer market.

Trades: The other side is trades within MLS. FCD has done fairly well over the years at getting the most out of some in-league deals. They've also stumbled at getting players that fit their system in as well (I'm looking at you Kyle Bekker).

Drafts/Waivers/Etc: Other means in getting players in the league include the waiver drafts, weighted lotteries (think Brian Span) and even preseason trialists that make the roster (think Michel).

* * *

So how do you feel about the number of open spots that the club has available at the moment? Does nine open spots worry you right now or do you think the right mix of players will come in on time for this upcoming season?