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Big D Daily: News for Monday, December 28, 2015

The last days of 2015 are here.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Christmas is over but there are still days left on the calendar in 2015.

// FC Dallas //

Best photos of 2015 |

This year will be a fun one to look back on in some years time. Lots of good memories in these photos too.

// MLS //

Drogba close to leaving the Impact | Mount Royal Soccer

Well, the time we got with Didier Drogba in MLS was fun while it lasted. Lots of goals in a limited span. He helped make the Impact a true contender in the East.

LA in talks with Ashley Cole | LAG Confidential

First LA loses Omar Gonzalez to Pachuca, then Juninho to they're in talks with Ashley Cole. Sounds like Bruce Arena hit the eggnog a little too hard this Christmas.

Gonzalez will be harder to replace than you think | LAG Confidential

Speaking of LA, they may have a lot of cap room to play with after these moves but finding someone to step in for Gonzalez and Juninho is going to be very tough. Especially finding a top CB to replace Omar.

The Rapids couldn't possibly be this stupid | Burgundy Wave

Colorado continues to be the gift that keeps on giving, well maybe to everyone but the fans of the Rapids. I feel for those in Denver, I really do.

Possible kit leak for DCU's home jersey for 2016 | Black and Red United

Damn, if this is indeed the kit for DCU next year, I want it. I still long for the days when FCD has a black third kit like this one.

A less hot take approach to analyzing the top center backs in MLS | ASA

Definitely some fuel to the debate on which center backs are top in MLS. I have a tough time believing that Matt Hedges is rated this low based on stats though.

Brighton want Ridgewell on loan |

The Timbers' top CB is getting some offers from English clubs again for some offseason loans. Portland would be wise to say no in my opinion.

USMNT missed the mark in 2015 |

One final link to round out the day with this one on the USMNT. To say the year was a disappointment may be an understatement in my mind.