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Vote for the 2015 FCD Goal of the Year: Semi-Finals 6

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

One last matchup for the semi-final round of voting before we put the very best goals up against one another. The sixth semi-final matchup features yet another Texas Derby goal, courtsey of Mauro Diaz and a beautiful, classic counter from Michael Barrios off of an excellent through ball clearance from Atiba Harris.

This is the kind of stuff from Mauro Diaz that makes him alone worth the price of admission. The touch, the vision, the ability to make defenders look foolish and the finish. Seriously, he is such a joy to watch. Enjoy him while we still have him folks. (No, I do not have any insider information about a transfer. I'm just saying he's probably going to leave FC Dallas... at some point.)


Not only is the speed of Barrios here very impressive, but check out the strength and the balance he also possesses to hold of the Crew defender before collecting himself to calmly finish the goal. I look forward to see more of these in 2016.