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Seasons Greetings from the Big D Soccer Staff!

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

In celebration of all number of things, here are our wish lists for FCD in 2015. Items may or may not be realistic.

Mohammed Bushnaq:

1. Name recognized number freaking 9

2. Castillo and Diaz to stay through the season

3. WiFi in the stadium

Jason Poon:

1. True, lethal striker. (ahem, Chicarito)

2. Keel as club ambassador

3. Hoops on new home kit

Drew Epperley:

1. A high profile DP that won't ruin the locker room chemistry and will also produce lots of goals

2. Due to the CCL and USCO games on the schedule, a healthy team during the season is a must-have.

3. Beer in the press box...even if it were only for one game.

Ben Lyon:

1. For FCD to hire Mike Miller to design their kits.

2. A round-trip ticket so I can catch a game

3. RVP

Ryan Scanlon:

1. Back track on pay for parking idea, slipper slope.

2. Actually sell out every game this season...please...

3. A 15 goal-a-season striker. I don't care from where. Can be from Maui for all I care.

Brian Wachholz:

1. A deadly fox in the box. A consistent finisher who can push us over the edge toward Trophy Town.

2. Ruffneck scarves. I like their FCD choices and they have amazing customer service for exchanges, problems, etc.

3. I want Miami to secure a stadium or fade away. The limbo has gone on too long.

Nathan Hill:

1. A forward who can score 20+ goals in one season and down 20+ tacos in one sitting.

2. More Dan Hunt Facebook chats, like at least once a day.

3. A USL partnership with OKC and a yearly exhibition played between the teams that is truly named the Red River rivalry because it is played on an inflatable field in the middle of the actual Red River.

Taylor Hester:

1. Forward who can score 15+ goals

2. Our own USL team

3. Hedges USMNT call-up

Becky Chabot

1. None of those embarrassing moments that land a team on Sportscaster for sad reasons

2. A legit striker

3. FCD II. Don't care where or how, but an FCD II.