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Vote for the 2015 FCD Goal of the Year: Semi-Finals 3

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Wasn't kidding when I said we'd dive through these goals quickly over the next few days. Both of these goals bring a lot of joy to my face as they really highlight what we've come to love from our South American attackers.

The opening goal features Mauro Diaz completely making fools of the LA Galaxy defense by making Juninho completely miss on his tackle, before lofting the most beautiful of chipped passes over the hapless LA defense for Blas Perez to settle, round the keeper and tuck neatly into the goal. This is such vintage Mauro and Blas, it brings me happy tears.


Of all the games we've covered this year, this may be the most memorable for me as one of the staff here. Three quick goals in the opening half against Toronto FC, an insane amount of water falling from the skies and the game not finishing until 1am or so. It definitely was one of my highlights of the year, which is why this goal has a soft spot for me.

We see the best of Fabian Castillo here; streaking down the flank, using a deft first touch to beat the defender before unleashing a quick, curling shot to round the keeper. Beautiful stuff, from a beautiful winger.