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Big D Daily: News for Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas is nearly here!

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Only a couple more shopping days left until the big holiday.

// FC Dallas //

How Urruti will fit into FCD | Big D Soccer

Here is a last call on our piece on Maximiliano Urruti and how he will fit in with FCD next season. We still hope to have a piece for you all soon from the Portland Timbers' blog on SBN that tells us more about our new South American.

// MLS //

Analyst take on the 20 teams in 2015 |

Need a quick year-end-review of things? MLS has a ton of them online right now for each club but here are Matt Doyle's take from the year. He is spot-on with his thoughts on FCD.

Toronto FC winning the offseason the right way | Waking the Red

Where have we heard this before? TFC is winning the offseason! Yeah, it is December so it seems fitting to think that Toronto is knocking it out of the park with their moves but in all honesty, they are this year. Drew Moor, Steven Beitashour and now Will Johnson.

DCU picks up new broadcast partner | Black and Red United

This is a good bit of news out of DC. United are getting a new broadcast partner that isn't Comcast. They'll now have their games aired locally on ABC. That is impressive to see more teams like this get over-the-air broadcast deals.

Beckham would bring Zlatan to Miami |

Yes please. Seriously. I know by the time Miami gets going and he arrives that he'll be older but I would love to have Zlatan in MLS for one season if that were the case. (Full disclosure: I am part Swedish so I get giddy over any Swede coming to MLS)

Creating a talent pipeline is a must | Sounder at Heart

The folks in Seattle are increasing aware of how old their team is at the moment and how badly they need some HGPs to step up in the future.

Atlanta is posed to have a good first year | Dirty South Soccer

One more year on the books for Atlanta to get ready to their expansion season in 2017. Right now, folks there are feeling very optimistic.

Gullit: Salary cap difficult to learn |

Former LA manager Ruud Gullit spoke recently about how hard it was to navigate the salary cap in MLS. You do truly need someone in the front office that can handle working the salary side of things while the manager manages.