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Vote for the 2015 FCD Goal of the Year: Round 11

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Like I said, just about any goal from the Texas Derby gets a serious look here. Up first we have yet another classic FCD counter on full display with Mauro Diaz getting things going with an excellent first touch into space before sending Fabian Castillo streaking down the wings and completely stretching the Houston backline. What gave the Hoops faithful hope about David Texeira was his movement off the ball and how he timed his run to finish off the play here, making that slight angle run towards the ball instead of just aimlessly trying to crash the goal.


Finally, he's up against one of the more epic and memorable goals of the year with Walker Zimmerman redirecting a Blas Perez pass to send the Seattle series into extra time. And we know the rest is history.


So who had the better goal here? Was is the classic FCD counter or the narrative, drama filled Walker header?