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Vote for the 2015 FCD Goal of the Year: Round 10

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Winger vs Winger. Finally we get a little match-up pitting Fabian Castillo up against Michael Barrios. Up first we have what has developed into one of Castillo's most dangerous shots in his arsenal. Granted, he doesn't always get them right, but defenders now have to keep this in mind whenever he manages to get inside the box. Everything about it is so Fabi: gets you running full speed one way, before turning you with one perfect touch before unleashing a perfectly placed shot into the corner.

I know we're here celebrating, but I'm going to really miss this kind of passing and vision that Blas Perez brings. It's simple, but executed so perfectly. Hopefully whoever the new number 9 for FCD will be able to do the same.


So this isn't winger vs winger in the truest sense as this Michael Barrios goal was just pure golazo and no speed/wing play from the Colombian. But seriously, who doesn't love a long distance goal from outside the area?